Neill Belshaw

Neill Belshaw - Master Plasterer

Plastering a curved wall inside a lighthouse

I can carry out all types of plastering and ceiling or wall finishing to the highest standard. I have plastered and finished a huge variety of walls, surfaces and buildings.

Internal plastering on walls consists of two coats: one is base coat, which is applied thicker, then the finishing coat. The finishing coat consists of a thin smooth coat of plaster. On ceilings two thin coats of finishing plaster is normally applied. In some cases a different technique may be required due to the structure of the wall. All plaster finishes can be decorated with paint, wallpaper or vinyl when the plaster has dried out completely as long as the plaster has been treated with a paint sealer.

All types of plastering and wall finishing work are undertaken, including:

Plastering curved surfaces a speciality - click the images below to see some recent work

Arched windows Arched window detail Curved alcove beside staircase Curved underside of staircase newly plastered etail of staircase showing plastering on the curve

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